Chili Pepper

Capsicum annuum

Chilis are the fruit of a New World plant that spread across the globe during the Columbian exchange. Chilis refer to hot varieties of one of several Capsicum species, varieties without heat are typically referred to as 'sweet'. When first encountered, Europeans had not encountered something quite like them, and called them 'peppers' in analogy to black pepper.

The Mayans used chilis for magic, ritual, medicine and food for thousands of years. Due to their shape and potency, the spicy fruits would represent male virility during ritual. Chili peppers were used medicinally in ointments for muscle and skin conditions, much like those found in a modern drug store, and also for their antimicrobial properties.

In witchcraft, chilis are used as an activating and energizing herb that promotes the flow of both blood and etheric energy through their respective conduits in the body. In Hoodoo, these peppers are most often found in magical formulations to excite and aggravate, such as Hot Foot Powder, providing heat and energy to spellwork intended to force someone to get out and go away.

The use of these chili peppers is appropriate in ointments that excite the body, foods to energize and promote inner heat, and in all magical work of Mars.

Whole fruits: 30 g (1 oz):