Seer Tea

Seer Tea

A delicious tea designed to open the pathways of divination and to grant second sight. We drink Seer tea to enter light trance prior to reading tarot, throwing runes, or dowsing with the pendulum. Additionally, we drink a cup prior to sojourning into the forest to perform magical work to open our senses and aid in communication with the spirits of nature. For us, and many of our customers, Seer tea is the taste of magic.

Traditionally, the Seer is a role within the Witches' Coven. During rites, the Seer would be sequestered from the rest of the coven in a separate room or shack where they would drink special tea and attune themselves with the otherworld. The Seer would then be brought into the working circle by the Man in Black to prophesy during the appointed time in the rite.

Seer Tea contains apple, bay, black tea, cinnamon, jasmine flowers, mugwort, nutmeg, star anise, and thyme. We recommend using 2 teaspoonfuls of tea per serving.

This is the tea we share with participants at our experiential night-time "Connecting with Spirits of the Land" workshop. Additionally, it is the tea we use prior to our oracular Hecate rite.

6-8 servings: