Three Magi

Three Magi

An incense consisting of the offerings of the Three Magi from the East to the Lucifer, the Christ child, the Light in the Dark, the inner light of knowledge and indwelling divinity. It contains the highest quality resins available to us: Royal Hojari frankincense from Oman and rich Myrrh from Yemen, along with 24 karat gold.

This blend has multiple uses. Principally, it can be burnt as an offering to spirits and divinities concerned with knowledge, insight, and the well-being of humanity to intercede on the behalf of petitioners. Second, it can be used in magical workings to increase insight, divinatory powers, and uncover hidden knowledge. Lastly, it can be burned as a purifying and protective altar incense in all workings where light, health, and well-being are required.

May the light crystallize in your blood and reveal to you the secret fire.

large vial: