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Earthing Smoke Incense

Earthing Smoke Incense

Earthing, or grounding, is the act of fixing the spirit in the material plane. Smokes of earthing are used for two main purposes: they are used to return those who have, in trance, crossed... more

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Herbal bundles used to to cleanse and purify people and spaces prior to rituals and ceremonies. more

Western White Cedar (4-5" bundle):

A green and cleansing herb used by tribes in the western United States

Juniper (4-5" bundle):

A strong cleansing herb used by the Scots, Appalachians, and several tribes native to the United States on both East and West coasts.

Rosemary (6-7" bundle):

A powerful garden herb used to purify hearth, home, and its occupants.


Sea Salt

Pure sea salt for protection, purification and cleansing. more

Vesta Powder

Vesta has a number of uses, but most people cast it onto charcoal or a fire to banish unwanted spirits and energies from the home. Most Vesta Powders are simply salt peter, but ours will... more

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