Aquilaria malaccensis

Aloeswood is a very rare and intensely spiritual wood that has been used for millennia in both Eastern and Western magic. Not to be confused with the aloe vera plant, Aloeswood is the resinous heartwood of large trees native to Southeastern Asia in the genus Aquileria. The fragrant resinous wood is only produced in individual trees as a defense response to a fungal infection in a process which takes years. The pathogenic response also yields a thick resinous oil used in perfumery, often called agar or oud. Only about 7% of the trees in the wild are naturally infected with the fungus, and this rarity has led to overharvesting and poaching in some areas and the international trade of aloeswood is monitored and regulated. Aquileria has been reintroduced into Malaysia and Sri Lanka and efforts are underway to develop inoculation techniques and applied forest management to ensure the production of aloeswood.

The scent of aloeswood is highly complex; it's sweet and woodsy and earthy. We believe its nature is one of sanctification, bringing (or augmenting) holiness to the physical plane. Much like frankincense, it has an uplifting nature. As such, it's useful as a temple incense, to establish sacred space and attract good spirits, and to strengthen and cheer the mind and spirit.These small pieces are well suited as an ingredient in high quality incense or for burning alone over foil.

Powder: 5 g: