Custom Orders

We can create unique magical blends, source rare botanicals, and provide products in bulk for extended rituals, coven or magical lodge usage, or simply to have quantity on hand.

Do you need an incense to honor Brigid, a pint of dragon's blood oil for a large workshop, a dreaming unguent to share with the coven, or a year’s supply of your magical order’s ceremonial incense? We are happy to make incense, oils, potions, fluid condensers, washes, baths, teas, balms, or any other apothecary-related item you’re interested in, custom made and to-order in quantities small or large. We can either use a recipe you provide, create a custom blend, provide a known named recipe (like 'Fiery Wall of Protection' or 'Follow Me Boy') or simply provide our listed products in bulk.

Additionally, we can attempt to source rare botanicals and magical sundries, either imported or wild harvested, on your behalf.

Rates are based on the cost of materials, quantity required, and the complexity of formulation and creation. Costs vary widely — an ounce of organic mint and chamomile tea might cost just five dollars whereas a jar of salve infused with narcissus and saffron at dusk in an iron cauldron over a cedarwood fire could be several hundred. After you contact us, we’ll provide you with a quote. Most requests range around $25 to $40.

In the contact form below, tell us about your desires for the end product, how you plan to use it, what energies you need it to evoke, what ingredients you want to include or avoid, and if there are certain rituals that need to be done during creation or astrological concerns. In most cases, we will respond to your initial inquiry with an idea or two and a few questions. The more information you give us, the better we can create something you are happy with and excited about using.


We only use materials originating from plant sources, which sometimes means we cannot recreate a provided recipe. Many published recipes were formulated using synthetic fragrance oils and include 1) ingredients with plant names which are unavailable as natural oils*, 2) synthetic recreations of animal products, or 3) fanciful scents like ‘Rain’ or ‘Autumn Harvest’. Synthetic fragrance oils, however, are chemical soups with no botanical Virtue and no place in magic. As such we do not use them.

Second, we will not reproduce recipes calling for animal products like musk, civet, or ambergris. We find supporting a market with such a high potential for poaching and animal abuse unethical. Although many formulists will substitute a synthetic for these, we will not. Instead, we stock a number of plant oils with musky scents which we can substitute to achieve a similar scent and reasonable pheromone response.

* For those who aren’t intimately familiar with what is available, this can be confusing. For example, neither wisteria nor lilac produce an essential oil or absolute, but coffee and narcissus do (though they are quite expensive). The best way to know is to simply contact us. If the oil isn’t available, we can often suggest a substitution.