Commiphora myrrha

Myrrh is a resin from one of several Commiphora species used in magical blends of consecration and protection, as well as those for deep trance and spirit work. It's magical nature is to seal and contain.

When use for consecration, Myrrh is often combined with frankincense. The myrrh establishes the boundaries of the space or object, focusing the blessing power of the frankincense. These kind of blends include 'church' incenses and our Sacred Space incense. 'Dark arts' consecration blends employ myrrh for similar reasons, omitting the frankincense.

Additionally, myrrh is sometimes used for protection and preservation magic, where it helps to establish a boundary, protecting from outside forces. Because of this preserving nature, myrrh has a traditional role in funereal rites and preparing the dead.

In deep trance and spirit work, myrrh is used to block outside influence, therefore protecting and preventing distraction. Note that for spirit contact to be successful when using incense or oils with a significant myrrh component, the descendants of the spirit or some personal effect of the dead must be present.

We offer three types of myrrh. Black myrrh (upper right in the image) is dark red-brown and is the most common. It has a sharp, deep, sometimes acrid scent. Amber myrrh has a sweeter scent; it is particularly suited for blessing and consecration and is ill suited for cursing or hexing work. We offer two types of amber myrrh, select (left in the iamge), which has larger, more fragrant pieces than standard (bottom right).

Dark. Resin: 30 g (1 oz):

Amber, Select: 30 g (1 oz):

Wood chips: 15 g (1/2 oz):