Martha Caldwell's Love Tea

In the early 2000’s we met a lovely older woman in the mountains of western Virginia with whom we shared a love of Appalachian herbalism. In chatting about mountain folklore, she shared that one of her ancestors, Martha Caldwell, was a tea leaf reader in the 1930’s in Rockbridge County, Virginia who would brew up a special tea for lovelorn and lonely women who visited her. The two of them would chat and share the tea, and then Ms. Caldwell would flip the cup into its saucer, spin it three times and discern patterns in the leaves left clinging to the side of the fine china cups. Our contact graciously shared the formula for the tea with us: a lovely blend of green tea and red roses with a subtle rose aroma that opens the heart.

We offer this tea to honor the memory of Martha Caldwell and those like her — matchmakers and tasseomancers and mountain therapists. Use this brew to read tea leaves in matters of love like Ms. Caldwell did, or use its heart opening powers to soothe the ache of romance gone wrong and to create space for new amorous pursuits. Additionally, a pot of this tea is a fine accompaniment to drink prior to performing love spells or to share during a romantic evening.

“If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain.” –Emily Dickinson

6-8 servings: