Powder of the Shade Feast

Powder of the Shade Feast

A powerful and potent mixture spread at working sites or burned in the fire at the start of a working to summon forth and feed the spirits of place.

The Powder of the Shade Feast is a blend of ours that arose out of our work with the living spirits of the land and Daniel Schulke's grimoire Viridarium Umbris. We have used it successfully in our own practice to attract and conjure forth landwights and The Good Neighbors. It's a blend of plants with the power to entice and feed spirits, though it does also contain some organic blood meal. For this reason, we don't recommend that you smolder it as an incense, but instead offer it forth to the spirits of place in other ways.

Generally we sprinkle it in the charmed fire at the heart of the compass during the summoning, but have also spread it on the ground at the working site where it will be trampled upon during the work. It's not really designed to filter out certain types of spirits (you should ward, banish, and generally use your good judgement as to which spirits you deal with.)

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