Spiritus Artemesia

""Some old time scryers believed that it helped their powers to drink a tea made of mugwort before attempting to practice the art. Mugwort has from the earliest times had a reputation as a 'witches herb'." ~Doreen Valiente, Where Witchcraft Lives

This is a potent tincture of mugwort and a bit of skullcap. Mugwort is a highly esteemed witches herb used in all manner of divination, scrying, dreaming and vision blends. We add skullcap to the potion as a calmative and nervine to quiet the mind. The process of tincturing results in a more complete extraction of the herb than making a tea, and this tincture is both more flavorful and less bitter.

Like our Spiritus Absinthium, Spiritus Artemesia is taken as an aid to trance, but where that is fiery and stimulating, this potion promotes a watery and receptive trance state useful for works of mediumship, divination, and dreaming.

60 mL (2 oz) blue dropper bottle: