Witch Powder: Black

Black powder holds the unseen virtue of the breath. Composed of soot, fern seed collected on St. Johns Eve, mistletoe harvested on the 6th night of the moon beside a ruined mill, ash from a crow wing burnt over a sacred fire and other powerful materia, black powder breathes forth the power of the night and spirit. Use it to open doorways to the spirit world, such as with the Two Trees rite or the Bucky Bucky charm, or apply to tools such as the Black Mirror that open windows to the otherworld.

In addition, Black Witching Powder is appropriate to add to dreaming charms and vessels to help ease the passage of faring forth by night. As the traditional ingredients used in this powder confer the power of invisibility, it is ideal for drawing sigils that cloak the witch in the mantle of night to hide her presence and her deeds while faring forth.

Lastly, the Black Witching Powder is traditionally added to spirit houses and vessels which house familiar spirits, particularly those houses that have some humanoid or animal form. When used this way, the spirit powder both maintains the doorway to the otherworld needed for the familiar spirit and also provides the physical form with the magical pneumen to perform needed tasks.

2 oz bottle: