AbraMelin Incense

An incense of frankincense, storax, and pure Vietnamese aloeswood compounded according to the specifications in the Book of the Sacred Magic of AbraMelin the Mage which produces a sweet, slightly spicy scent of excellent quality. Burn whenever a general fume is needed during ceremonial and altar workings. Or, of course, burn when doing the Work to contact and commune with your Higher Guardian Angel, as prescribed by Abraham of Worms.

AbraMelin oil is also available, in both the Mather's recipe which includes galangal, and the original which includes calamus. We also carry Crowley's version made with pure essential oils.

June 2019: We now have an extra-special version of AbraMelin Incense available designed to be an offering in the construction of pacts. It is the same base recipe, but the frankincense used is rare Hojari, the storax is a dark solid resin from Sumatra, and the aloeswood is an exceptional wood from Cambodia that is so delightful on it's own that we would otherwise not waste it in an incense blend. The result is less sharply storaxed than the standard blend and somewhat decadent. Warm over coals, do not burn it directly. Only 13 are available.

large vial:

special blend (2 oz cobalt jar):