Planetary Spellwork Incenses

A collection of planetary-aligned incenses formulated to capture the essence of the court of the heavens. Based on recipes from old grimoires and alchemical texts, each blend is suitable for spellwork, ritual, and magic that falls under the auspices of the given planet.

Each incense is blended and charged upon the square of their respective planets on the day and in the hour the planet is exalted.

Sol, King of Blessings:

For works of blessing, healing, and sanctification.

Luna, Queen of Dreams and Enchantment:

For magic involving dreams, divination, and the development of psychic powers.

Out of Stock Mercury, Trickster Lord of Luck:

For work involving communication, travel, luck, and cunning.

Venus, Lady of Love and Desire:

To bless works of love, lust and beauty.

Mars, Lord Protector:

For magic involving protection and war.

Out of Stock Jupiter, Ruler Over All that is Seen:

For works of wealth and riches, knowledge and power.

Saturn, Ancient Prince of the Holy Night:

For all works of hexing, binding, and necromancy.