Visions Incense

Visions Incense
"And the Sibyl with raving mouth, uttering words solemn, unadorned, and unsweetened, reaches with her voice a thousand years because of the god in her"
~Heraclitus, 500 BCE
trans. Arthur Fairbanks

With the sharp green scent of bay leaves and Dittany of Crete, this incense is compounded of herbs and resins that enhance the second sight and prophetic powers. It's formulated to bring on a deep but active trance state, to help you achieve visions and be able to relate or recall them to others. Great results have been had by sprinkling this blend over hot coals and looking through the smoke in a darkened room. You may also simply have it smoldering in the room during oracular rites and trance work.

large vial: